Fitness nut mix for athletes and gourmets with the perfect blend of the most delicious nuts!
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Nuts mix for sporty moments

Our fitness nut mix provides you with a great deal of energy and all that is important for athletes. And in it are the tastiest nuts we have to offer! Exquisite Macadamia, energy-rich Brazil nuts, unique cashews and exotic Pecan nuts!

Nuts and sports: a great team

For athletes, nuts are an indispensable source of energy. Whether they give you quick energy and provide you with important nutrients on the way or if you enjoy their great quality at home - with them, you are fit for any kind of challenge that might come!

Fitness mix: nuts simply tasty

For the very reason that your health is important to you, you don't want to do without variety? Our nut mix gives you delight without boredom! You can perfectly use it as sandwich spread or in a yummy smoothie - unless, of course, you crunch the away jsut the way they are!