Noble snack variation with the finest peanuts in a wheat crust, crunchy green peas with crispy salted biscuits and refined with poppy crackers.
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PEANUTS, capuchin PEAS, CHICKPEAS, corn flour, WHEAT FLOUR, WHEAT STARCH, yeast, rapeseed oil, barley malt extract, glucose-fructose syrup, WHEY, poppy, sesame, BUTTER MILK POWDER, salt, cumin, turmeric, pepper, chili, curry, rice, Dextrose, tomatoes, maltodextrin, onion, garlic, natural flavors, acidifying agent: citric acid, sodium hydroxide Sodium hydroxide, emulsifier: Mono and diglycerides, dyes: capsanthinc, capsanthinb.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


The fragrance of a sunset in a spicy array of Snack Stars

The racetrack, the tumult in the streets, on the hillsides and in the harbors. On two square kilometers is located Glanz & Gloria, style and the scent of the Jetsets. The second smallest country in the world. This is how Monaco, a magnet for dreams and longing. In May, when the Formula 1 are a guest there, it takes place by far the most spectacular weekend the world here. For the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo, the narrow streets turns into a real live race track. The competition can now begin. Our MONTECARLO BLEND embodies the who-is-who of the Vanities: salted pretzels, pretzel sticks, salt crackers with and without poppy in an attractive shape, crispy corn kernels, green grass chickpeas and Asian spiced wheat sticks.

A mix as colourful, as the sunset of Monaco

The sampling of vanities, begun while competing for the finest yachts in the harbor to the best berth until the finest robes of evening CATERING FOR EVENTS on the edge of the Grand Prix, is an inspiration for our extraordinary assortment of salted pretzels, pretzel sticks, salt crackers with and without poppy in various shapes, crispy corn kernels, green grass chickpeas and spicy wheat slender sticks. The MONTE CARLO BLEND is representative of the colourful bustle, the tension during the race and the clash of different people who are celebrating the annual mega event in on all trains enjoy. So, keep snacking and celebrate until the tires screech!

Enjoyment, makes the world spin

Is not only in Monte Carlo, all over the world the pleasure comes on the very first place. In no other place in the world is so strongly shown the opulence and decadence - even in terms of taste. Even our unique MONTECARLO BLEND is a perfect snack for champagne moments and celebrations until the early hours of the day with a variety of high-quality snacks, each for itself having a large bouquet even during the interplay. At the well sorted bars of the French Riviera he certainly should not be missed and also at your personal beach party it provides memorable glamorous moments.