Nut kernel mix & fruit mix

bulk 2,5kg

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glass edged 80g

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glass round 80g

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box 80g

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ALU can 80g

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ZIP bag 450g

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composite can large 650g

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CASHEW, mulberry, sugar, ALMOND, physalis, cranberry, goji berry, blueberry, food acid: citric acid, sunflower oil, elderberry juice concentrate, flavour, preservative: SULFUR DIOXIDE. May contain traces of GLUTEN, PEANUTS, SOY, MILK and SESAME.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0811 9039


Handy and healthy snack for any occasion

This premium blend of healthy fruits with wonderful fruit aroma and taste intensive nuts is particularly for those ideal, where a health-conscious lifestyle is given highest priority and attach great importance to original and natural foods, because they have to be much in motion. Physically and mentally. With cashews, almonds, mulberries, Physalis, blueberries & goji berries is supplied to your body very easily with valuable carbohydrates and fiber and simultaneously with loads of energy - always just when you they're most needed. Our SUPER FRUIT & NUT MIX You'll also provides excellent support in your daily vitamin balance thanks to the trendy superfruits Physalis, cranberry, blueberry and goji berry. However, what is most important: this mixture tastes absolutely delicious ultra because it combines so many different flavour components in itself. Just try and speed!

Healthy energy for body and soul

With a healthy diet style and small changes in the choice of food, it is now definitely possible to stay in shape and physically and mentally to accomplish excellence. The nuts in our SUPER FRUIT & NUT MIX serve as valuable energy dispenser with magnesium, beta-carotene and iron helping to reduce stress while protecting the stomach and intestines against stress-related ulcers. You also encourage thinking and strengthen the respiratory tract. nibbled Pur, you can use the natural forces of our Cashews & Almonds wonderfully and purposefully. In combination with the fragrant fruit mulberry, Physalis, Blueberry & Goji berry they do the heart and circulatory system just fine and are veritable power food for body and soul.

Grab it and loss aware the neck

Our SUPER FRUIT & NUT MIX we bring colour and flavour to your snack food. The beautiful colours of mulberries, Physalis, blueberries & goji berries invite to access. The taste speaks for itself. Full fruit flavours, elegant acidity complemented by fruity sweetness are a healthy highlight that you can integrate as a healthy snack with no regrets in your daily diet. Together with the noble cashews, with their fine aroma and sweet almonds, which are addictive for more, you have not only makes a visually appealing and healthy snack before you, but one of the fun. On the tongue, the palate and your stomach. A small amount is enough to supply your body with all the vital nutrients that are often overly burned in daily stress. The ideal food source gushes now directly in front of your nose - grab it!