Triple coloured Wasabi and Chili peanuts with crunchy ravioli shell
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PEANUT, rice, WHEAT, starch, wasabi, palm oil, salt, sugar, chili, garlic, onion, vitamin E, SOY SAUCE, MUSTARD, potato, Colours: tartrazine, brilliant blue FCF, yellow-orange S, Cochenillerot A, flavor enhancer: disodium guanylate, disodium, Disodium 5´-ribonucleotide, raising agents: sodiumi, ammoniumii, citric acid. May contain traces of CORN, SESAME, chicken, beef, NUTS. May affect activity and attention in children.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9098


Peanut ravioli spiced with wasabi and chilli

Full speed ahead on the final straight and with a clean heart into the flavour center! A rapidly-spicy mixture of gently roasted peanuts in a crispy ravioli shell spiced with chilli and wasabi. This mix promises a tougher touch to the taste buds: Wasabi that burns wonderfully in your nose and down the throat and chilli on your tongue. Everything well packed in a crispy ravioli jacket which together holds the delicious peanut kernel inside,that nothing is lost from the fine nutty flavour. Visual our TRAFFIC BLEND is a pleasure in the Powercolours: yellow, green and red - no taste stops - full speed ahead into the flavour until you see the fireworks!

Starting with wasabi and chilli

Red, yellow, green. Kickstart. Our TRAFFIC BLEND expects from your taste buds a rapid head-to-head race between spicy chilli and the sharpness of Wasabi. The spicy chilli flavour orbiting your tongue and the wonderfully-incomparable wasabi sharpness is the ultimate high-speed on your nose and on your throat.

Wasabi and chilli on the victory track

Down the stretch then accelerates crunchy cover of the ravioli along with the great roasted flavour of peanut and all the flavours again are coming intensively together. A winner does not exist because the counter parties blend into a delightful mix of spicy and sharp. Go for it!