Vitamin mixture with cranberry, cherry and blueberry
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Cranberry, blueberry, cherry, sugar, sunflower oil (non-hydrogenated). May contain traces of PEANUT and NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

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Best berry mix: only these!

This berry mix has potential to become a classic! Fruity bilberry, sweet and sour cherry and sweet cranberry put together to a distinctive delight withtout remorse! We can tell you one thing: you will get used to this combination quicker than you can imagine!

Combined berry power: an aromatic sensation

Bring home these healthy and tasty berries all year around! Our dried and unsulphured berries maintain their precious nutrients. In addition, they contain no fat and very few carbohydrates - perfect for your figure!

Berry mix - endless delight!

You can enjoy these berries carefree. The unique combination of bilberries, cherries and cranberries invites you to experiment. You muesli is boring? Berry mix! Tired of the same old pie recipes? Berry mix! Your shakes taste dull? Berry mix! Now it's getting yummy!