Caramelized butter and nut mixture

bulk 2,5kg

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box 75g

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ALU can 75g

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PET jar 75g

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glass edged 75g

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glass round 75g

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composite can small 75g

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ZIP bag 450g

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PEANUT, CASHEW, sugar, macadamia, PECAN, ALMOND, HAZELNUTnut, honey, mod. starch. May contain traces of SESAME.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2006 0080


Luxury squared! The Butterscotch Nutmix Deluxe

The Butterscotch Nutmix Deluxe is truly exquisite: Macadamias, Pecans, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Almonds and Peanuts of the finest quality covered with a wonderful botterscotch coating. A perfect fit! By the way, deluxe means, that the quality of the nuts is high, too. You can distinguish this by your first bite: they are crisp, firm and have an intense flavour. 

Butterscotch Coating: full flavour

Trying to explain the taste of butterscotch coatings or cakes to europeans, you will run into problems - they simply don't know it. Some even suggest that alcohol could be one ingredient. Wrong! Butterscotch is the divine combination of butter and brown sugar. The taste? Similar to caramel, but only similar. Try them to taste the difference!

A dream come true: the Butterscotch Nutmix Deluxe!

Of course, nuts are healthy. They do contain containing essential nutrients and may be an easy way to get energy while on the way. Of course! But this is not the clue here, it is a side effect. The clue is that they taste truly good. We recommend you enjoy them slowly, your eyes closed and concentrating on the moment.