Hot roasted peanuts and cashew nuts with salt & Chili
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CASHEW, PEANUT, vegetable oil, PEANUT oil, SESAME oil, salt, chili.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9098


A flamy taste-pack

Among the nut snacks the gorgeous spicy peanut and cashew mild are the undisputed winners. Each type of nut has its own unique character. Together they form a harmonious flavour packet,which promises an explosive content. If you approach on this nut mixture, you will receive as a gift the full flavour of the peanuts and cashews with the typical fiery sharp spiciness of high quality dried chillies. Rolled in fine salt our chilli BLENDED NUTMIX is a very special high quality and perfectly flavoured round nibble.

Invigorating nuts snack with chilli

This outrageously delicious nut mixture will the taste buds irritate, in order then to reconcile again completely with sweetish mild nuttiness. Our peanuts and cashews promise a fiery taste experience for all lovers of the fiery hot pepper. Fine mineral salt completes our chilli BLENDED NUTMIX, so really all your taste buds will get their taste. A delicious nut snack with high-quality ingredients is gently roasted and becomes a feast for the senses, and thus repeatedly awakens the desire for these extremely invigorating snacks.

The Power of chilli - the classic nuts

Who doesn't know it? You feel tired and exhausted, you're in the mood for a small uncomplicated snack. Our chilli HIDDEN NUTMIX brings you in no time to bounce back on your feet and to another kind of thoughts.Your favourite nuts, peanuts, and cashew, we have mixed together and blended with properly chilli powder. What makes it perfectly is a touch of sea salt, which gives the whole mix the fine refinement,you love. Already after you have your first few nuts you feel how the energy rushes to your brain and plead the tongue and the throat for mercy. But is nothing until there, the fine nutty aroma of peanuts and the mildness of the fineCashews have taken you already away. Nut after nut, you will gain your power back!