Sunflower seeds with turmeric

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Sunflower SEED, SESAME oil, chili, WHEAT, sugar, rice, CORN, margarine, salt, turmeric, baking powder: sodium. May contain traces of SOY, PEANUTS, tree NUTS, LUPINS, pulses and carrots.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2008 1991


Small seeds with intense flavour

Sunflower seeds are not only bird seeds. The tiny, so insignificant they may seem to deceive at first sight, in fact, they are hiding that they're made of pure power: 100 grams of the crunchy seeds, in fact, contain more protein than a steak. Our SUNFLOWER SEED, therefore, have plenty of health and culinary advantages for you! It contains for example inherently folic acid, vegetable protein, magnesium and vitamin E. This beauty loses none of her healthy ingredients, we have put in a crispy, sharp shell of Chili. Thus, they are not only fully protected, but obtained their ingenious exotic and fiery taste, thanks to a pinch of turmeric.

Great taste moments with small gold seeds

With sunflower, you can make all sorts of delicious and nutritious things. The small seeds are full of energy, tastes really well and bring cheerfulness. It took a long time until the delicious seeds have a firmly established themselves well with us to as a snack. We have gladly helped along a bit! Chili SUNFLOWER SEED, we have coated with a crispy shell of delicious exotic spices and a hint of Chili fiery. Thus, equipped vigorously, these little pretty, golden-yellow sunflower seeds are on the track directly into your taste buds.

Genius unrecognized snack, in fiery coating

Admittedly, due to their size, you would never get the idea that our Chili SUNFLOWER SEED can so impressive wind around the finger. If you have for the first time our seeds, and however skillfully are catapulted into the mouth, you will realize why the world needs more scarecrows: The sunflowers have to be protected. Their cores are an absolute flavour, small tasty miracles, as no one would suspect at first sight. Thanks to its exotic seasoning and the wonderful sharpness of Chili, they are highly versatile. As a healthy snack after exercising, as a topping on a crunchy salad or crusty rolls with cream cheese topping, you'll be amazed at what these little golden guys as masterpieces of the art of snacks are considered!