Roasted & Salted Spicy Cashews

bulk 3kg

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glass edged 80g

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glass round 80g

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box 80g

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ALU can 80g

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ZIP bag 550g

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composite can large 700g

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CASHEW, salt, PEANUT oil, chili, SESAME oil.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9070


The fiery Cashew power

Chili is one of the most popular spices in Asia. It is used there almost to all recipes and dishes. Chili promises a disinfecting effect, therefore, this spice is used particularly in countries with high ambient temperatures. We have for a long time inherent the properties of this plant and also discovered as a spice for our Central European dishes.Also, we have decided to offer our savory Chili CASHEWS an intense spice kick. For our creations, we use only genuine walnut, and high-quality Chili. Refined with a touch of sea salt gets our fine cashews this splendid sharp-salty spiciness that is pushing into a real taste experience.

Spicy Cashew Snack with fiery undertones

The slightly curved Chili CASHEW are little energy packs for all those who want to start any time to appreciate the clear Chili sharpness of high quality. The root note of the blend arethe fine cashews, they provide an ideal base for all the great tastes. Finished with a hint of fine sea salt, they are an ideal companion whenever your fancy palate is in the mood for a sharp little adventure. Therefore they are perfect as a snack “to-go” for all Gourmets who prefer a spicy snack.

Small nut delicacy with fine Chili flavour

For all those who find the hot Chili flavour of Chili CASHEW actually too intense, but does not want to give up at this wonderful nut snack, it should be said: the more you try of our delicious Chili CASHEW, the more passes the sharpness. Our taste buds have the wonderful property to get used to sharpness. Now that's a welcome reason for you to create a stock of a larger amount of the desires magnificent Nut Snacksto share with your friends a little “Chili Battle”. Who has adjusted to the spiciness, has won and throws the next party and the next round. Well, how about it?