Spicy nut kernel mix

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PEANUT, WHEAT, mod. CORN starch and potato starch, vegetable oil, palm oil, salt, sugar, herbs, pepper, celery, yeast extract, flavor (SOY), flavor enhancer: Monosodium glutamat, disodium, color: paprika extract, emulsifier: Gummi arabicum. May contain traces of SESAME SEEDS and NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9098


Peanuts, interpreted in three different way

Who believes that peanuts are only in the classic salted version, just trust me on this: our PEANUT MIX has to the classic salted peanut two new variations created. Among the salted peanuts now joins the crispy wrapped and extremely spicy peanut, and perfectly coated peanut with blended spices and aromas, an outstanding support to the other two varieties. The absolute highlight for any gourmet peanut.

For peanut fans are an absolute must

For all of those who want it even a little more varied, their top favourites - the classical, salted peanut - we don't wish to be unfaithful to you, so we opened all the doors for upcoming new flavours with our PEANUT MIX. The salted peanut remains the undisputed number one among the salty nut snacks. We went one step ahead, and would give new tastes look to our new peanuts. The result is a peanut, which has additionally more salt flavour, and more delicious spices to optimize its nutty taste. The coated peanut gives this mixture the crispy certain temperament that the two other nut varieties do not steal the show, but an excellent support in their unique awareness.

Peanuts - the classical giants of taste

As a small child, you come with the classic salted peanuts in contact and develop a love for this wonderful natural snack classics. This love manifests during the first years of childhood where the peanut is often the last resort on an empty stomach. Now the peanuts are covering you back for the whole life? Time for a change. Next to the salted classics will be joined by two refined variants: the crispy and tasty dish. What taste you better - let yourself be convinced by the taste !