Fruity delicious mixture with hazelnut, almond, brazil nuts, walnut, pecans, cherry, papaya & cranberry
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HAZELNUT, ALMOND, brazil nut, walnut, pecan, papaya, sugar cane, sugar, cranberry, sunflower oil (non-hydrogenated), Cherry, preservative: SULFUR DIOXIDE SULFUR DIOXIDE. May contain traces of GLUTEN, SESAME, SOY, MILK, SULPHITES and nuts.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0813 4095


With this mix, you never run out of breath on the long distance

Our CLUB HOUSE MIX is just the right mixture of fruit and nuts, which helps you to keep your energy levels balanced. The individual components are taste matched wonderfully on each other so that, again and again, developed a new flavour, depending on what ingredients you mix with each other, which provide extra pleasure and tasty almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans for the nutty flavour, candied papaya and Cranberry cherry complete the mix of around their enormously fruity and tangy flavours. This mix of guarantees will not be boring - the culinary "Runners High" you hereby in any case, certainly!

Not only for sport enthusiasts

Nuts have always been a nutritious diet. Especially in sports and in all people who want to be alert to a full and varied diet, they are a "must have", which will be integrated to avoid food cravings and to the others to provide valuable protein, good carbohydrates, and fiber supply. Especially valuable in the enjoyment of our high-quality selection of nuts such as almonds, hazelnut, walnut and pecan with the unsaturated fatty acids. In order for our CLUBHOUSE MIX also makes your tongue and plates to vibrate, we have our delicious candidates like papaya and cranberry, - mixed and small cherry pieces. Thus, neither enjoyment nor pleasure come up short and have your body on the top shape !

A real healthy snack

Make your every day more lovely with our varied fruit and nut mix, which holds the most delicious nuts and delicious fruits for you. Our CLUB HOUSE MIX is an excellent healthy snack for in between meals in order to oppose the common cravings of a nutty-fruity argument. As a great alternative to chocolate & Co. themselves, the nuts are always excellent. With their good carbohydrates, they are suitable as a high-fiber snack between meals, used as an ingredient in cereals or in conjunction with yoghurt or cottage cheese. Conscious bite-size pieces are the perfect companion for sport or at the office.