Juicy soft coconut cubes with fruity cranberries
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Sugar, cranberry, coconut, sunflower oil, glucose, fructose, WHEAT, dextrose.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2006 0091


The wedding of the tropics and North America

Meet Juicy, sweet coconut cubes on fruity dried cranberries and thus conceive a wonderful flavour concept, which brilliantly combines the best of the tropics with the most fruity berries United States and Canada together. A small culinary world tour, which combines extremely tasty together two continents with COCO & CRANBERRY. The mixing of different and especially contrasting flavour components has for many years been the rage. A trend that we have implemented, especially in these two delicacies into action. Sweet, white coconut cubes that mix with the sour-tart taste of dried cranberries and thus the glorious sweetness with refreshing combine sour.

Red as blood, white as snow,...

Our COCO & CRANBERRY are actually so tasty that they would be protected from greedy sweet tooth, but in a glass coffin, we really do not need to put so. But on the contrary! Seductive as Snow White this delicious mix of soft, sweet coconut cubes and fruity, acidic taste Cranberries is namely definitely - the temptation So you should definitely give. However, the clean and pure coconut cubes with the attractive contrast of dark red, relief-like, dried cranberries impresses visually immensely. A perfect treat for the tongue and eye!

A snack that makes you happy in just an instant

To integrate a little tropical feeling in everyday life you need just to try only our delicious blend of heavenly coconut cubes and sweet and sour cranberries. The tropics are delightfully through the soft Cocos cube represents what you immediately reminiscent of huge palm trees and white sand beaches. The fine Cranberry ensures this light acid with the sweet coconut milk combines wonderfully and makes them feel even more intense. COCO & CRANBERRY, a prima snack, a delicious sweet tooth for you everywhere easily conjure from his pocket and start dreaming can.