Caramelized nut kernel mixture

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PEANUTS (50%), CASHEWNUTS (8%), ALMOND (5%), MACADAMIA (2%), HAZELNUT (2%), PECAN (1%), honey, sugar, SESAME, salt. Vanilla and cinnamon flavor. May contain traces of NUTS and GLUTEN.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2006 0031


Oriental appetizer

This oriental-style delicacy needs three things in order to be first class and to take care of magical moments: nuts of excellent quality, honey, nut brittle and sesame. Finish is a sweet specialty, as they could be not collected tastier than in our HONEY SESAME NUTS. Peanuts, cashews, almonds, macadamia, hazelnuts and pecans provide the basis for this nutty mix. Half of nutty fellows may rejoice to be encrusted with a fine layer of sugar and the other half experienced by honey and a small roll forward in toasted sesame seeds its fulfillment.

Twice more crispy

For fabulously oriental moments we have offer a story titled HONEY SESAME NUTS, made of crunchy peanuts, creamy cashew nuts, sweet almonds, chewy macadamias, spicy hazelnuts and exotic pecans that is together on the road to bathe thoroughly after some wild recovering from an evening to reward in a cast iron pot with a pleasantly bubbling caramel mass and allowed to relax. Some of them received thereafter, as a special award for surviving as travel, a rubdown with the finest honey and a golden robe of toasted sesame grains. And so they lived happily ever after until they are discovered by you - and you know the story of this particular nut.

Oriental delicacy

In the East, the seeds of sesame are very widespread and there are estimated to be a valuable rejuvenator. Our combination of peanuts, cashews, almonds, macadamias, hazelnuts and pecans make together with honey, sugar and sesame crust from a full energetic nutty adventure with a journey through the Oriental world full of colours, scents, and tastes. From the hand directly into the mouth, served as a small dessert with coffee or tea. With our nutty energy bundles with sesame brittle or sugar crust, you dive into a sweet secret best ingredients and preparation.