Italian tomato and basil croutons
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WHEAT flour, olive oil, vegetable oil, basil, tomato, brewer’s yeast, salt, MALT, monosodium glutamate. Contains GLUTEN. It may contains traces of SESAME.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9045


Crispy croutons delightfully seasoned with tomato & basil

The crispy CROSTINI TOMATO & BASIL reflect wonderful the classical taste of Italian cuisine again. Deep red tomatoes and fresh basil provide the basis for a multitude of delightfully summer dishes. A traditional tomato salad replaced by the dark green leaves of the basil as the special seasoning. An instant summer feeling sets itself immediately for you - even in the winter - will impress you these magnificent herbs between the fingers grates and inhale the wonderful aroma. Just let yourself fully driven from our Crostini and enjoy the wonderful aroma of scented basil in conjunction with the taste of dried ripe tomatoes. A touch of virgin olive oil lends these delicious croutons its distinctive, soft aroma.Tomato & basil on crunchy Crostini

Crunchy baked crostini, flavoured with tomato & Basil

Cross & spicy. That's the way how our CROSTINI TOMATO & BASIL are presenting. A little crunchy crouton, finely seasoned with the best basil and the flavour of deep red tomatoes. A small appetizer with great flavour, which can be freely combined with chips, but our Crostini are a refined line and due to their nature not only as a snack between meals but also as a side dish to a Mediterranean appetizer or as a topping on a summer salad, wonderfully suited. Just be creative and let this little piece of pastry on yourself and your guests to enjoy.

Crunchy baked crostini, flavoured with tomato & Basil

CROSTINI TOMATO & BASIL are a small taste miracle, but not only as a medium snack between meals. They can be as well a side dish starter served with Mozzarella and tomatoes. A cold pepper soup in the summer, which adds a refined, crisp topping. Our Crostini are versatile and who has begun in order to integrate them in an appetizer or buffet, a meal will no longer be able to be served differently to your friends. Also, cheeses, such as Parmesan or Talleggio, are a wonderful alternative to bread sticks or a classic piece of baguette.