Peanut kernel with chilli coating

bulk 5kg

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glass edged 60g

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glass round 60g

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box 60g

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ALU can 60g

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composite can small 60g

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ZIP bag 350g

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composite can large 600g

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WHEAT flour, 25% PEANUTS, sugar, modified starch (corn,potato), corn syrup, sunflower oil, 2% chili seasoning (yeast extract, SOY sauce powder, flavour, herbs & spices, flavour enhancer (disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate), acidity regulator (citric acid), anti caking agent (silica)), maltodextrin, salt, colour (paprika extract). May contain traces of SOY. Can affect attention and activity in children.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0812 9098


Crispy soft case with peanut kernel

Inside of a refined mild Chili crusty shell, there is a carefully chosen peanut, just waiting to be cracked by you. We have consciously chosen to hide the peanut inside a ravioli because the snack experience is just incredibly awesome. The shell cracks gloriously when it's split. The whole flavour of ravioli shell comes great to advantage because the peanut in the small buckle was able to develop lots of flavours inside. The combination of peanut and subtly refined with Chili crispy shell guarantees quite a big delicious taste experience. A snack at its best.

Crispy-fiery casing with peanuts

Keeping with the motto: “feast for the eyes” we have deliberately decided, our gently roasted, high-quality peanuts to miss a befitting appearance. In our RAVIOLI Chili gently nestled, waiting for our peanut until you wake up from their delight dose for you to enjoy the gently nutty aroma and slightly spicy Chili flavours of ravioli jacket. The sound that you hear when you bite gently in our Ravioli will surprise you instantly: crispy, spicy, peanut!

Fiery wrapped Peanuts - a sensory experience

This peanut has lots of fun. You'll be charmed by our RAVIOLI Chili. She has everything for a perfect snack. We have long fiddled until this ravioli got its perfect shape. A round, sensuous design. The spicy formula, with a small pinch of Chili, which is discreetly spicy. The experience when the ravioli opens - a crack that you will create with your own teeth because you already have in mind the delicious taste of the shell. And at the end is the nutty bliss: an aromatic peanut of the highest quality. Decide for yourself whether you rather be alone with this little Snacks or of you want to share it with others!