Rice crackers with oregano spice

bulk 5kg

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glass edged 45g

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glass round 45g

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box 45g

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ALU can 45g

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composite can large 300g

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glutinous rice (55,18%), palm oil, SOY sauce (SOY, WHEAT, salt, water), sugar, oregano powder (1,38%), chili powder, tapioca starch, garlic and onion powder (spices (garlic, shallot, onion), sugar, salt, tapioca maltodextrin, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (contains SOY), SOY sauce powder (SOY, WHEAT), garlic flavor (contains SOY oil), flavour enhancer: disodium 5'-ribonucleotide), colorants: paprika extract.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


Airy light snack with Italian flair

The Italian-Mediterranean cuisine is considered one of the worlds most diverse. Who could not love a cuisine in which is common to serve before de main course even smaller, lighter dishes and prepared with a great love? Each of them perfectly matched and refined with many fresh herbs. Each a small work of art, made each one with love. So it is Rice Crackers with our FRIED oregano.

The best from Japan, combined with Italian influences

Our FRIED OREGANO with the popular spicy Japanese Soy Sauce are finished with a Mediterranean spice mixture. Given the perfect crunch - it's like a little vacation on the Sardinia Island,in one of these pubs on the harbor, Chiling at sunset, but when the sun still feels like burning on the skin and you can enjoy the view of the sparkling waters.

Antipasti: the new way

This small fine Rice Cracker offers a variety of consuming options. In between, he is for a growling stomach as small, but as fine, as a full snack. With a glass of wine and a fruity Caprese Salat with fine balsamic dressing, he could serve for an enchanting match every evening. The delicate aromas of oregano, one of the most typical spices of the Mediterranean cuisine, giving our FRIED OREGANO the flair of a sunset on a terrace in the Mediterranean.He is a wonderful companion for spending free time enjoyed with friends or even alone.