Thai crackers with lemongrass & lime

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81% rice, SOY sauce (water, SOY, wheat, salt), sugar, modified tapioca starch, glucose syrup, chili powder, fried garlic, fried onion, fried kaffir lime leaves, mirin (water, glucose syrup, rice, alcohol), seaweed, colour plain caramel, paprika extract. May contain traces of SESAME, SHELLFISH, FISH, PEANUTS, NUTS, MILK and dairy products.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


Popular Thai Flavors Combined in One Buy: Rice Crackers Snack

Just as colorful as the vegetation of Thailand is our exotic SPICY THAI MIX. The colors of the individual Japanese rice crackers instantly awaken the desire for a trip to the tropics. The shapes remind us of the various cultures that come together in Thailand. Each piece is a small culinary work of art - decorative and tropically inspired. Unique in color, fascinating in taste. For this snack mix, we have skillfully showcased selected ingredients and exotic spices. The result is a creative-exotic blend of the finest Japanese rice crackers and Thailand's most popular spices, delighting everyone who loves and apprecates Thai food culture. Buy these rice crackers for an exciting taste experience.

Spicy-Lemony Rice Cracker Mix: Buy Rice Crackers for Exotic Lovers

The aromatic scent of lemongrass, with a touch of rose fragrance, unrivaled in combination with lime leaves and a hint of garlic. A skillfully rounded rice cracker snack. The SPICY THAI MIX is refined with seaweed powder, which is believed to have a positive effect on the body. Enjoy snacking in every aspect, feeling good and indulging in Asian-style wellfood. Wellness for the senses with crispy rice crackers and the special aroma kick. Buy rice crackers online and experience the spicy-lemony flavor.

Our SPICY THAI MIX is Pure Wellness: Buy Rice Crackers Online

A genuine experience for the eyes, nose, and palate, our SPICY THAI MIX appeals to all senses. Tropical aroma that slowly captivates you and seduces you into a world full of taste. This rice cracker snack can confidently stand on its own as the flavors slowly unfold in the mouth and are intensely enjoyed. Buy rice crackers for a delightful sensory experience.