Dried and candied Ginger
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ginger (50,99%), cane sugar, preservative(s): SODIUM DISULFITE.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2006 0035


Delicately candied for extra spice and delicious ginger deluxe!

A true delicacy! Soft, spicy and aromatic ginger for that sweet and juicy combo.

Ginger Deluxe: the sweet and spicy taste explosion

These flavoursome yellow morsels with their irresistible sugar crust absolutely deliver what they promise! The flavour explosion - bite by bite. Candied ginger takes the intense flavour the next level yet softly melts in your mouth.

Ginger is a wonder among plants

Just the fact that these reed-like leaves and creeping stalks are actually something so delicious is amazing in itself! While no one really knows where ginger originally comes from, everyone is familiar with its uniquely aromatic scent and its unmistakably spicy flavour. Candied, ginger transforms into a true delicacy!