Lightly sweetened papaya cubes - An exotic fruit enjoyment. As a snack, for baking and cooking, or as a decoration for ice cream and pastry specialties.
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Papaya, sugar cane, sulfur dioxide. May contain traces of SULPHITES.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2006 0035


The concentrated papaya in cube shape

"A Papaya a day keeps the doctor away", say Hawaiians. And not without any reason. The numerous ingredients of papaya makes it a veritable "Vital bomb" because these substances to each other in a perfect proportion, to explain the broad-based spectrum of this magnificent fruit. The papaya CUBE unites not only the concentrated vital force of papaya fruit in itself, but convince also by a wonderfully full-bodied, fine fruit flavour. The pink colour completes the seductive overall impression in an excellent way.

A fruity dream like salmon pink

Really refreshing and sweet at the same time. Our PAPAYA CUBE keeps what they already expect at first glance. Fruity pleasure and fun on your tongue. The small cubes invite them dancing on your tongue and melts very slowly. Only then presents of the concentrated aroma of fresh papayas spread in your whole mouth. A buttery smooth, soft texture that you will no longer get out of your head. A beautiful salmon pink dream accompanies you through the day.

We searched for exciting and exotic fruits for traveling with us

Just the sight of yellow papaya at the grocery store or at the Caterer drive makes your eyes to tears: wonderfull! This exotic fruit, which can be found in almost every supermarket, brings you to the distant lands with mile-long sandy beaches and plenty of sunshine dreams. This dream can now come true! Delicious fruity Papaya Cube invites you to go together into a trip around the world. Rather than turn the globe, moves your tongue gently over the sugary corners and edges of small cubes until then melted smoothly. Whether as a snack or mixed with your cereal, could not care less - Enjoy the little break mentally, somewhere on a secluded sandy beach at the end of the world ...