Peach Fruitgum Hearts
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Glucose syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Acidifier: citric acid, Aroma, coloring foods (blackcurrant, black carrot, safflower, carrot, lemon), Coating agent: beeswax, white and yellow, carnauba wax.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1704 9065


Peach Hearts: lovely shape, lovely taste

The shape of these fruit-gums is directly related to how we eat them. We got cute little hearts in red, white and yellow. We - and everybody trying them - will eat them with a remarkably broad smile on our faces. Resistance is futile!

As symbolic as they are tasty - Peach Hearts

Heart-shaped fruit gums. How does that old proverb go? "The way to the heart is through the stomach"- well, with these, the means have become the ends. With such a treat, someone will feel appreciated!

Peach Hearts: A delicious allrounder

There's always time for a small present, and these heart-shaped fruit gums are just perfect for that. Feeling creative? Make a classic biscuit dough, and push a small hole into the top of each piece, big enough to hold the fruit gums. Into the oven, and behold!