The Pastel Choco Raisins come in four charming colours which are the coating for some fine white chocolate and a sweet and fruity raisin. Gorgeous!

Glas (Eckig) 130g

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Glas (Rund) 130g

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ZIP-Beutel 700g

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ALU-Dose 130g

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bulk 5kg

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PET-Dose 140g

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box 130g

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composite can small 130g

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composite can large 900g

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Raisin, sugar, cocoa BUTTER, MILK, lactose, SOY lecithin, vanillin, gum arabicum: E414, Colours: E141, E100, E120, E160b. May contain traces of PEANUTS and NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1806 3210


Talking about? Pastel Choco Raisins

The Pastel Choco Raisins are served in four colours: pastel yellow,- green,- orange and - pink. The sugar coating is used to hide white chocolate and raisins? Why? To be surprised of ist sweetness and fruityness every single time you eat them!

Why change grapes into raisins?

This is a good question, indeed. Grapes are such a treat already, why change them into something wrinkly and unshaped? Because raisins become much sweeter while drying. They lose humidity to only 15 to 18% - while the content of fructose increases to 33%. The result? Sweet fruityness.

Raisins + white choc = perfect sweets!

White chocolate has a more subtle taste than other kinds of chocolate and is predestined to be covered with brighter colours. So much for theory. You can decorate cakes with those Pastel Choco Raisins, they look much more cheery or everything in need for cheery looks.