pepper thaler

bulk 5kg

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glass edged 25g

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glass round 25g

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box 25g

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ALU can 25g

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ZIP bag 175g

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composite can large 200g

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83% rice, palmoil, sugar, salt, sesame, maltodextrin, garlicpowder, pepperpowder, creamingagent (glucose powder, hydrogenated palmkernel oil, sodium caseinate (MILK)), onion powder, antioxidant (tocopherol, SOY)), yeast extract, flavour enhancer (sodium guanylate, disodium inosinate). Can affect attention and activity in children.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


Spicy crackers seasoned with pepper

This crackers distinguishes wonderfully the spicy flavour of whole grain. Completely crisp and delightfully aromatic, these little delights are uncontested highlight hearty snack sky. The small coins are mainly composed of rice and are gently baked. The clear peppery taste, gives our PEPPER CRACKERS the wonderfully aromatic Indonesian pepper, which fits quite nicely with this little taste wonders. There is practically no occasion on these crunchy crackers do not fit. By the pretty, dark sesame seeds from sesame the overall image complete perfectly.

Wonderfully spicy crackers with peppery tones

These crackers are total geniuses flavour. They are distinguished by their thin, crusty look. The taste is wonderfully spicy and round, slightly peppery, with rice, it fits in perfectly to the distinct taste of wholemeal wheat. The pretty little sesame seeds give this a particularly attractive look and invite you to take a bite instantly. The best ingredients, baked until they become crispy and excellent condiment - that is our PEPPER CRACKER. A saturating, extremely tasty cracker who has all it needs to be your favourite cracker!

Talented tasteful -The Pepper Cracker

If you're looking for a healthy, spicy, crunchy snack, then you are exactly right with our PEPPER crackers. They taste wonderful because they are great with the crispness & perfect seasoning that hypnotizes you, and they have such a refined aroma and, therefore, are a definite alternative to chips. They are the ideal companion for a long day and a thoroughly honest snack, as it consists of very simple ingredients and it always fits if you feel like in the mood for something spicy. These crackers fit wonderfully to a well-stocked cheese platter with grapes, dried fruit, and nuts. But even with a tasty dipping sauce made of cream cheese, tzatziki or guacamole, or even with a refreshing tomato salad with fresh basil. These crackers will never disappoint your guarantees. That's a promise !