Risotto rice crackers with soy

glass round 20g

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bulk 4kg

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box 20g

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ALU can 20g

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PET jar 20g

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glass edged 20g

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composite can large 180g

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Rice 64%, (rice, sugar, water melon juice, salt, palm oil), sugar, SOY sauce powder (SOY bean, WHEAT , salt, maltodextrin), salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract. May contain traces of GLUTEN.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1905 9055


An Italian letter of love to the Japanese Snacks Culture

Just like a classic "Risotto alla Milanese", we kept the recipe of our delicious risotto snack, but with carefully selected Italien spice flavours.The outcome is a small "Primi Piatti". Perfectly matched recipe with crispy rice, small pearls which meltdown on your tongue. This little rice snack will make your heart beat of joy. The everlasting formula of the recipe for RISOTTO SNACK consists of a simple blend to a unique fine taste.

Japanese Rice Crackers with all the charm of "Bella Italia"

The fine appearance of our RISOTTO SNACK is a reminder of a blink of an eye in the saucepan, turned white round grains of rice from "La Mamma" in a delicious nice family meal.Crunchy and wonderful taste around the mouth. Just like our fine spicy RISOTTO snack.

Japanese flavours moments with Italian charm

Our small rice crackers in RISOTTO SNACK are the best proof of "La Dolce Vita" - the Italian way of life! They are the perfect companion to a glass of chilled white wine in the early evening, or snack for in between. Precisely because he is so fine, with light flavours, has the RISOTTO SNACK itself as an appetizer at any time. It is simply outstanding.In addition, he is a real figure-flatterer, thanks to the fat-free preparation. Full of flavour, traditional preparation and still on trend. Italian flair with East Asian flavours, just enjoy it.