Noble blend of cashew, peanut, pumpkin seed, cranberry and physalis
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CASHEW, sugar, cranberry, Cape Gooseberry / Physalis, pumpkin SEED, PEANUT, sunflower oil. May contain traces of NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0813 5091


Delicious moments for the fine palate

Our unusual nutty assortment of different kernels combined with dried delicious fruit makes the CAMBRIDGE BLEND a healthy snack that not only combines all the important nutrients and vital substances in itself, but precisely in this combination all lovers of cashew nuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, combined with dried Physalis and Cranberries also gives delicious taste moments. The fine spicy cashew is on the side of roasted peanuts and pumpkin seeds wonderful proof that can occur even fine flavours to the fore when the accompanying components support they taste. The slight acidity of Physalis and Cranberry this fine concert of fine aromas completes fruity and sweet excellent.

Excellent blend of fruit & nut

As brain food known and popular, we have this classic nut mixtures not reinvented, but some important parts of this mixture taken apart a little then assembled into a whole new taste highlight again. In place of the classic nuts we have put toasted cashews, peanuts and pumpkin seeds. The fruity elements of CAMBRIDGE BLEND consist of fruity, slightly acidic dried Physalis and popular Cranberries, which also feature a moderate acidity, but also by their fruity body. Visually is exploding mix of warm earth tones will enhance any lover Excelent nut and fruit mixes.

Your Blend for all tastes

Mild walnut nuances, like the toasted cashews, peanuts and pumpkin seeds are no longer a secret among connoisseurs and lovers of nut mixes. The gentle roasting the subtle flavours come particularly good effect. Our CAMBRIDGE BLEND also lives off the tangy fruit flavours of delicious dried Physalis which easily introduces its acidic pulp and crunchy seeds inside and by the sweet and sour cranberry, which more than satisfied with their fruiting bodies. All in all, this blend is a welcome change in your daily breakfast routine in cereal or yoghurt or as an ingredient in small muffins or crumbly pastry. The imagination is no limit. And that is exactly our approach: Boundless enjoyment in combination with new ideas and surprises in the mouth.