Apple pieces dried with cinnamon & sugar

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apple, sugar, flavoring, citric acid, cinnamon, SULFUR DIOXIDE. May contain traces of SULPHITES.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2006 0091


Gives good feeling for body and soul

Apples are one of the oldest dried fruits, popular for childrens and adults,with sweet and sour flavour. Healthy are on top not in vain, of that they still regarded the wisdom ". An apple a day keeps the doctor away" The multi-talented when it comes to health it can improve cholesterol levels, and even apply as a secret weapon in the fight against stroke. But also, in terms of figuration are apples on the rise. By contained pectin make apples tired long and the feeling of hunger can wait longer for themselves. Cinnamon Apple, with its fine cinnamon touch, tastes like a small baked apple and therefore not only provide a feel-good effect in the body but work wonderfully to the enjoyment spoiled soul, because the taste is right like after Christmas and the happiness is all around.

Real chimney feeling in small shapes

The combination of fruity apples and cinnamon ensures inevitably for culinary delights of a special kind. Delicious baked apples in the oven, a blazing fire in the fireplace and a fully warm feeling in stomach. This sense of well-being, we want to awaken with Cinnamon Apple in you. Hard and firm yet soft pulp enjoy, smile here and he's a bit happier than before. Let yourself be tempted by delicious candied apple pieces with a touch of cinnamon and the flavour of Christmas, perhaps in the middle of the summer.

Small apple pieces with great taste for good memories

Apples, sugar, and cinnamon. Hardly any flavour combination the louder cries out for well-being, warmth and pleasure. With Cinnamon Apple, we bring you this feeling in small, soft apple pieces at any time within reach when you get fancy a little Christmas feeling of. Neither apples even cinnamon are specified seen seasonally to winter and the stove time because even in the summer as a topping on a delicious Mr. cream or pannacotta is the little APPLE CINNAMON packed with great flavour is a welcome change.