Colorful mixed fruit juice jelly

bulk 3kg

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glass edged 125g

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glass round 125g

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box 125g

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ALU can 125g

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composite can small 125g

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ZIP bag 700g

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composite can large 1kg

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Glucose syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelling agent (E440), OAT fibre, Acidity regulator (E330), Colour (E163), Colour (E141), Colour (E120), Colour (E100), Natural orange flavour, Natural flavour, Pineapple concentrate


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 1704 9051


Fruit Juice Jelly - sweet pineapple, my dear!

Fruit Jelly is very tasty - even more so, if pineapple fruit juice plays a major part. Like in this case! One of our favourite fruit is pineapple - unluckily, you cannot find it here as ripe and sweet as in their home countries. Luckily, we´ve got an ideal replacement for them - those Fruity Juice Jellies are your backup for all your fruity needs!

Fruit Juice Jelly - vegan & good for everyone

Most jellies are made with gelatine - that is unfair! Why? Because we don´t need gelatine to get tasty jellies! And vegans or vegetarians are sometimes in need of fine sweets - just like any other people! But rescue is near, those Fruit Juice Jellies here are made with pectin

Fruit Juice Jelly - now on your telly!

Fruit Juice Jelly should be famous! Or better not - a delivery bottleneck should be avoided under all circumstances. This is a very difficult topic, because the decision is hard to make. Perhaps we postpone it and concentrate on feasting those tasty little Fruit Juice Jellies. Either combined with something slightly sour - mascarpone cream for example - or as a specialty on its own!