Premium roasted peanuts, with truffle oil and sea salt
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PEANUT, vegetable oil, salt, truffle oil. May contain traces of SESAME SEEDS and NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 2008 1191


Fine noble cashews

The fine cashews are popular and known around the world as a snack. All Cashewsnacks were provided with delicious flavours or spices. Whether seasoned particularly savory or even surrounded by a fine layer, our TRUFFLE BLENDED CASHWE are now the ennobled version of the Cashewsnacks. Discreetly but concise refined with wonderfully aromatic truffle oil, we have managed to raise these Cashews into the nobility. A small touch of salt makes the whole thing just perfect. These cashews are a very special blend of noble aroma, fine-mild texture and a hint of sea salt.

flavoured cashews with truffle oil

A captivating scent, lavish but very subtle surrounds our high-quality cashew nuts, which we wanted to add a special touch with high-aromatic truffle oil. The result is a delightful Cashewsnack of which we can be proud of! With a pinch of salt and fine oil refined by high-quality and aromatic truffle, the cashews get a noble touch. This snack is the best welcome mood enhancer for dreary days or as a reward for a very special event. A few cashew nuts and the day belongs to you!

Enjoy it, with all your senses

If you still can't name a special snack of your own, here is the one. Through the subtle truffle flavour, which you will feel the first bit, you will already know that you have to do here with a very special snack. Our TRUFFLE BLENDED CASHEWS are specialties when it comes to the spreading the wonderfully captivating aromas and, therefore, provides a wonderful taste experience. Lay yourself on a couch and grant you this flavoured revelation completely. Enjoy the soft, delicate, nutty flavours of the cashews and the nutty sweet peanuts and let your sense seduced by the wonderful flavour of truffle oil. But beware: highly addictive.