Fruit mixture with banana, melon, pineapple and star fruit
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Banana, melon, pineapple, star fruit, apple, palm oil (RSPO Certified) dextrin. May contain traces of PEANUTS and NUTS.


Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Taric-Code: 0813 5091


Crispy & tasty alternative to piquant vegetable chips

A cocktail of banana, cantaloupe, pineapple, carambola and apple is a delicious fruity pleasure per se! Our FRUIT COCKTAIL CHIPS tops anything known before on crispy kind. The fruit pieces are freeze-dried in a modern procedure and thereby lose nothing of their individual tastes one. The pastel shades of the individual fruits provide a varied and classy-quality ambience. The FRUIT COCKTAIL CHIPS stands for conscious snacking on crunchy, fruity style.

Fruity staging with crackling effect

The full load of taste, combined with the delicious Crunchy experience - that is our answer to the question of alternatives to crispy vegetable chips. By FRUIT COCKTAIL CHIPS you have all your favourite fruits and cross bite in the middle of the spotlight. The main character of this perfect staging are banana, cantaloupe, pineapple, carambola and apple. In this combination, you have not tried any fruit mixture like this. Creativity and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive, as we prove here innovative and creative.

Fruity snack for all age

Are you ready for the ultimate snack experience because you're bored of the offer on the snack shelf and your taste buds were not long challenged? Then we have something for you: Our FRUIT COCKTAIL CHIPS will delight you from the first to the last piece of fruit and bring your taste buds to bloom! You love the exotic? Then our fruit mixtures of banana, cantaloupe, pineapple, carambola and apple is just right for you! Soak up the fruit as a snack between, as decoration on a delicious cheese platter or as a topping on curds and creams. Children are excited by these crunchy fruits and they will rip you right out of hand.